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Assessment: Consistent and goal-oriented through knowledge and contemporary technologies

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Focus on well construction, material and pump technology


Expansion, effect, function. Camera recorded tracks, hydrogeological investigations.


Shallow geothermal energy. Water-water systems. Suck/Swallow-technology, and management systems.

Pump Technology

Function, Efficiency, Use, Operation, Value.

Material Review

Components. Position checking of offers and invoices.

Court Reports

All Courts and Instances in Germany, according to exact legal guidelines.

Private Reports

Assistance in other disputes valuations.

Insurance Reports

Clarification in Disputes and Situations of Insurer.


I am your Contact for Mediating Troubleshooting.

Regardless - Flexible - Quick ...

Reports requires high precision. Likewise precise industry knowledge and flexible arrangements. Using the latest software solutions and a clearly structured time management idle times are avoided. The standard times for advice or site visits are very long in general. These are mostly considerably below me through fast Communications and nationwide constantly updated market orientation.

Private expertises and private valuations are based on a created a preliminary offer. This is true for expert and practical work, not for courts, but only personal use.

The Person

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Expert & Waterwell Builder

"My responsibility and passion"

b.u.SV Dirk Feilenberg

My name is Dirk Feilenberg, 53 years old. I have been working since 1992 in wellbuilding construction. I lead an independent wellbuilding construction companies in Bockenem, in the heart of Germany. Since 2007 i act in addition as an expert for the technical components of wellbuilding, with a focus on pumping equipment and surface geothermal energy. Through the decades, practical activity in this Work the areas of wellbuilding construction and expertises combine optimal. Thus, even necessary drilling and recovery operations are carried out at reports creations and verifications of me, if this is necessary and permitted as defined in the independent evaluation. The main advantage lies in the fact that often no third parties are consulted and the costs of economic can come to calculate.

  The combination of decades of experience in wellbuilding and fault localization my expert activities open appropriate procedures for fault and especially of causes. Objectives here are the examinations and evaluations from a single source. Much faster report creation and more central operation to save precious time and avoid costly misjudgments. Both the appointment by courts, as well as for commercial and private clients, these are crucial aspects. 

Sachverständiger Brunnenbau

Expert of pumping equipment.

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Domestic Water Supply.

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Offer/Invoice Check.

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Suspected Fraud.

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Power & Materials Testing.

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Private Machinery.

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Camera recorded Tracks.

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Ecological Protection.

A respectable platform is given of me in by a sound education in the juridical area for an objective and material-oriented approach.

Mediation all over the Country

By the ideal combination of the objectivity in the practical wellbuilding construction and the activity as an expert in the craft wellbuilding construction I offer as the only media gate in this area all over the country the advisory activities which can be helpful and vital just for forthcoming judicial discussions. The exact attention is directed to settle forthcoming or already existing discussions. Such disputes can be very often added in few steps. I attach here above all also the possibilities to cause without Lawyer and extrajudicial solutions. Every case is individual. Get in contact with me to find ways. These measures are carried out, as well as expert activities, neutrally and aim-oriented by me with you. The aim activities are, on this occasion, the cost avoidance or cost reduction of all involved parties, as well as process avoidance.

Catchment area of experts

The activity leads me in every federal state. Every place of Germany can be reached by the optimum location in 31167 Bockenem quickly. Hence, local appointments can be carried out very fast. This shortens the time for the production of a certificate or report considerably.

Primary aim: Process avoidance

By a sound perpetuation of evidence and a mediation of the parties short ways can already lead to a concerted aim. The direct way to a lawyer not always is the right choice. An objective judgment by a competent third helps to communication and indicates that frictional points can fast resolve.

Short ways of the establishment of contact

You reach me on all communication ways equally fast. You find the contact data further below in the area Expert contact.

My Location

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My Location 31167 Bockenem, located in the area Ambergau, centrally, between Frankfurt and Hamburg. You have subsequently the opportunity to calculate the distance of the project to my expert office.

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